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ONYX Black Fermented Garlic

Known as a "Super Food",  the practically odorless and sweet tasting ONYX Black Fermented Garlic adds deeply rich  umami type flavors to all your dishes, plus it is a healthful supplement snack. Research found that Black Garlic has more than twice the Antioxidants than fresh garlic. Also, the Allicin in fresh garlic disintegrates rapidly, however, during this "self fermentation" process our Garlic goes through it converts to highly beneficial sulfur compounds, especially one in particular: S-allyl-cysteine (SAC). Black Garlic is much more bioavailable, more easily digestible than Fresh Garlic.

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What our customers are saying

"This is so delicious!"

"I slow cooked a stew with it -  the stew tasted incredibly rich, the Black Garlic added so much depth to it!"

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How to use

Eat straight from the jar as a supplement or healthy snack. Use on salads, sandwiches, egg dishes, blend into dressings, aoli, soups and stews. Great accent on Pizza!

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Where is ONYX available?

More stores are coming on board every day. Online at www.Organic-Gourmet.com

Our Production

At ONYX, fresh Garlic bulbs go through a 4 week aging process. The bulbs self-ferment in scientifically controlled conditions and are caramelized, the Garlic turns black and sweet and loses its strong odor while greatly increasing its healthful properties.

Love Your Garlic

Black Fermented Garlic - Finally a way to love your garlic!

Finally, all the benefits, actually more than 

twice the benefits of fresh garlic, without the odor, and with a pleasant slightly sweet flavor and a prune like texture.

Health Benefits outline

 ONYX Black Fermented Garlic, the “Super Food”,    

  • Supports      healthy blood pressure levels 
  • Supports      healthy immune function
  • Supports      healthy cholesterol levels 
  • Supports      the body’s      inflammation fighting abilities
  • Aids      in Detoxification process
  • These are powerful benefits that      can support overall vitality

* Adds sweet yet tangy flavor to all your dishes – without the odor or the “bite”  

Creates deeply rich flavor in salads, eggs, rice, tofu, soups, stews, veggies, sandwiches 

* or perfect by itself as a  supplement. 

“Let thy food be thy medicine” –

 Benefits have been known in Asia for over 5000 years   

ONYX Black Fermented Garlic

  • Is much more digestible than fresh garlic
  • Has far greater health benefits

* During the fermentation process, garlic’s essential Amino Acids content doubles and triples, Antioxidants more than double.  

 This process more than doubles the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) value of the raw garlic. · Garlic’s traditional health properties are greatly increased    

The Team

Elke and the whole ONYX Team want to make you healthier! One Clove at a time!

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ONYX Black Fermented Garlic